Bed and Breakfast Accommodation, Nelson, New Zealand.
“Escape to Nelson - experience comfort, convenience and quality.”
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5 Star Bed


(5 Star = Exceptional.  Among the best available in New Zealand)



Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy

The things we would like you to note are as follows:

Covid 19
For your safety we are also fully vaccinated against Covid 19 and welcome similarly vaccinated guests.  Regretfully, for the safety of other guests and ourselves, we are unable to accommodate people who are not yet fully vaccinated.  Proof of vaccination will be required at check in. 

Privacy Policy
Any personal information you provide to complete our reservation records, or to facilitate payment, will be kept private – we will only use personal information to contact you in the event that something of value is left behind when you depart, or, if you want us to keep you informed of up-coming events in Nelson.
Cancellation Policy:
Dates can be changed, subject to availability, however, Shelbourne Villa is a small boutique B&B and late cancellations affect us greatly.
In the event of cancellation we reserve the right to recover:
  • 25% of of the total booking amount if cancelled within 30 days of arrival date, or
  • 100% of the total amount of the booking if cancellation occurs within 14 days of arrival date.
Naturally we will endeavour to re-book the space and if successful will not levy any charge for room nights re-sold.
We strongly recommend guests take out travel insurance to protect themselves against unexpected changes to their travel plans. We trust you'll understand that as a small business we are unable to carry losses on behalf of guests that should have been covered by a good travel insurance policy.
Reservation Guarantee:
We guarantee to honour your reservation.  In return, to confirm a booking we require a deposit equivalent to one nights accommodation costs, or a credit card number, as confirmation from you.   Our preference is for credit card details to be provided as we prefer not to hold other people's money we haven't yet earned.  
For direct bookings made on-line through our website, credit card details can be provided as part of the booking process, via the secure server that hosts our reservation system. 
Please note that we don’t extract a deposit from your card, it is for security reasons only. There is no charge against your card until:
  • Your departure, or
  • A payment is due under our cancellation policy.
Credit Card Transactions:
We process all credit card transactions via a secure terminal provided by our Bankers. 

For both your own and our protection, we ask that you provide the physical credit card to facilitate the processing of charges at check out time, via our secure terminal.  For security reasons we do not process credit card transactions on a "card not present basis", unless it is a claim under our cancellation policy.
Check availability and for secure on-line reservations click here:  availabiltiy2.gif
“Escape to Nelson - experience comfort, convenience and quality.”